​Dukinfield Old Hall Chapel

Planning Permission was granted to the owners on 8 December 2008.

The PLANNING APPLICATION is very detailed and seeks permission to stabilise and retain the structure as a CONTROLLED RUIN. There would be an archaeological examination of the site (there are burials in the nave), the walls would be repaired in the best weather-resistant manner, the roof would not be restored because the walls could not bear the weight, the whole site would be tidied up and interpretation boards provided. This one sentence does not do justice to the comprehensive nature of the nature of the historical and technical information contained in the documents accompanying the application. There are also a large number of PHOTOGRAPHS.

Access the database of planning applications received by Tameside Metropolitan Borough.

​Find the 'search by application number'  box and enter as follows: 08/01289/LBC (Note: 08 stands for 2008 and LBC stands for Listed Building Consent)

​Click 'Find' at the bottom of the page and the planning application will appear. Click 'View Documents' and do so again on the following page and then a list of them will appear. Happy reading!  

Planning Permission